Award Shows in Riga

Award Shows

Finding the perfect venue.

If you’re choosing a venue for an awards show, it’s vitally important that the venue is interesting and inspiring – it should get the nominees and invited guests excited to join and be part of the show. But how do you find a unique venue that can do all that?

This is where we can help. Our curated range of the top award show venues across Riga is guaranteed to pique the interest of your audience ahead of time and ensuring sell-out attendance on the night.

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Award Shows

Host your awards ceremony at the perfect venue.

Our advanced search functionality makes it easy to access the best venues across Riga at the click of a button. And to make it even simpler, you can narrow down the results by inputting your budget, desired location and number of guests.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? If you’re planning a big award show and could do with some help, our team of professional event planners are available to assist. With experience in hosting successful award shows, they’ll help to make yours a show-stopping event.

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Award Shows

How to Choose the Ideal Venue for Award Shows.

Transforming a venue from ordinary to extraordinary just takes a bit of creativity. But, before you book a venue, you need to check that they have a few basic requirements in place, including:


Convenient parking

The venue should have ample parking on-site or nearby. If possible, reserve parking and make it easy for your guests to access the venue.



Check that the venue has signal because a venue with no WiFi network is going to make hosting an award show difficult, and it will also limit the exposure you get on the night as guests may not be able to share on their social media channels.


Audio-visual capabilities

You want to ensure that sound won’t be an issue so take a technical expert with you to check the settings.



The key to hosting a successful award show is the stage. Attendees need to be able to see the award winners clearly on the stage, and the stage should be visible from all angles.

Awrd Shows

Let us take care of the details!

Stage Design

Think about the various staging options that the venue offers and how you have envisaged the position of the stage in the venue. Plan where the host and podium will be and ensure that branding and signage can be easily integrated into the design.

Floor Plan

Designing an effective floor plan is essential for the flow of the event. Your guests will need a place to sit during the ceremony and nominees should be carefully positioned to make access to the stage easy.

Sound and Video

For an award show to run smoothly, the tech needs to be on point. This means planning microphones, WiFi connections, recording equipment, projectors and PA systems ahead of time (as well as having a back-up in place).


We can help you determine exactly what you need in terms of catering, furniture, décor, staging and technical equipment, then source the best suppliers for each. Additionally, any entertainment can also be organised to ensure that everyone, even those who don’t win, has a good time.

Award Shows


Whatever you need, whatever your budget, our expert planners will work with you to plan and execute a flawless event.