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Concert Venues

If you’re looking for a concert venue in Riga but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in exactly the right place.

We’ve done the hard work and have compiled a list of the top venues so get instant access to only the best that the city has to offer. And, if you need some extra help, our team of concert planners are available to help you successfully plan and execute your concert, taking care of all the important details from catering to soundchecks, floor plans, staging and more.

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Concert Venues

The best way to find your
ideal concert venue.

Finding the ideal venue for your concert doesn’t have to be difficult. Our database of Riga’s top venues makes it easy to search for concert venues that are a good match for your requirements. And you can narrow down the options further by inputting your budget, location and maximum capacity.

And if you have additional specifications, our team will go out of their way to find a venue that can accommodate you.

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Concert Venues

Choosing the Right Concert Venue in Riga

While you might be wanting to hire a concert auditorium with huge capacity, that might not be the best choice for hosting your concert. Instead, the venue should:


Match the number of concert-goers

It’s going to feel much better to host a concert playing to a sell-out crowd rather than a huge auditorium that’s close to empty.


Be available on the date you need

Unless you’re booking far in advance, the venue you want to secure will likely be booked already. The best approach is to have a couple of dates where all concert performers are available, then make the booking.


Meet your requirements

It should be within your budget, make allowances for a sound-check prior to the performance, have the technical resources you need, and clearly communicate the time that the concert must end by.

Concert Venues in Riga

We can help make sure all your bases are covered.

Food and Beverages

Concert-goers will need to be able to purchase food and drinks before, during and after the concert. To ensure they have the refreshments they need, we can coordinate with the venue to arrange food trucks, bar facilities and catering.


In addition to sound equipment, our team is also able to handle the various technical requirements needed for the concert. This can include audio-visual equipment, projectors, WiFi and more.

Sound Equipment

Sound is the most important component of your concert, and the venue may not be able to provide all the necessary equipment. We can take care of the heavy lifting to ensure that all the relevant resources are available and correctly set up before the concert.

Logistics and Facilities

You can leave the details to us. We’ll ensure that there are adequate parking and restroom facilities in place, as well as a smooth, logical flow to the evening.

Concert Venues


Whatever you need, whatever your budget, our expert planners will work with you to plan and execute a flawless event.