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E-Sport Venues

The number of e-sports events worldwide is on the rise, with e-sport champions competing in front of sell-out crowds across Europe.

But hosting your own e-sport event isn’t straightforward. There are several factors to consider when choosing a venue for an e-sport tournament, and it starts with knowing your goals for the event. For smaller-scale events, you can be more creative when looking for a venue while larger events will mean hiring an exhibition centre. Then there are all the technical requirements that a location will need to be able to facilitate so that venue can successfully host the event.

Does this all sound a bit overwhelming? It’s doesn’t need to be because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you – it’s now easy to find the ideal venue with just a few clicks.

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E-Sport Venues

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If you’re hosting an e-sport event in Riga, we’re here to help! We’ve developed an advanced venue database that makes it simple to find the ideal space to host your e-sports event. Search by price, location, maximum capacity, and more, then compare the different options and match them to your budget.

Looking at the options and worried about whether the venues can handle your technical requirements? No problem! Our team of expert event planners with experience in hosting successful e-sports tournaments will be able to advise on the best options and can offer support at each step of the planning process.

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E-Sport Venues

Choosing the Right Venue for Your E-Sports Tournament

Before deciding on where to host your e-sports tournament, there are some important points to keep in mind. The venue should be able to handle:



A large amount of electrical equipment, as competitors will need to set-up their equipment, and spectators will want to watch the action on screens with audio.


Exceptional internet speeds

Almost all games are played online and will need a good connection as there will potentially be hundreds of players accessing it.



For the final rounds of the tournament a stage is the best way for the players to get comfortable in their own space while the spectators can cheer them on.

E-Sport Venues

We can help you cover all your bases.

Food and Beverages

There need to be enough options for both players and spectators, options include food trucks, catering or a cafeteria.


Technology at an e-sports tournament is a non-negotiable. This means having an extensive plan to accommodate hundreds of PCs, screens, microphones and more, as well as a robust back-up plan incase things go wrong. Similarly, broadband internet needs to be tested to ensure players can perform at their best and that the audience has an excellent viewing experience.

Safety and Security

Ensure that you have paramedics on standby and security to oversee the event. Gaming equipment at an e-sports venue is typically brought by the players top of the range and represents a significant investment.


Make sure the venue is a comfortable temperature both for the people and the tech and do a walkthrough of the venue to ensure that you have everything you need from audio-visual equipment to staging, microphones, customisable seating plans, sponsor areas and branding.

E-Sport Venues


Whatever you need, whatever your budget, our expert planners will work with you to plan and execute a flawless event.