Fashion Show Venues
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Fashion Show Venues

Our team of event planners will bring
your fashion show to life.

Whether you’re hosting a professional fashion show for a well-known brand or organising an interactive fashion event for an emerging designer, we have the perfect venue for your event. Our team of event planners will bring your fashion show to life.

We offer a flexible service that allows you to decide how hands-on you want to be. And, whatever you decide, we’re available to make planning your fashion show a stress-free process.

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Fashion Show Venues

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Fashion Show Venues

Our interactive, searchable database allows you to quickly and easily identify the best locations in Riga for hosting an unforgettable fashion event. Narrow down your options with our advanced set of filters to find a venue that matches your location, capacity and budget requirements.

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Fashion Show Venues

How to Choose a Memorable Location
for Your Fashion Show

Here’s what you need to consider when selecting a venue to host a memorable fashion show:


It should flow with the narrative
of the fashion collection.

The process of creating the clothing range for a fashion show is the starting point of a story that continues on the fashion runway. For this reason, the venue plays an important supporting role in continuing the story and needs to be visually compatible, while offering the logistical capacities that a runway platform and other technical requirements will necessitate.


It should have a logical layout.

To give guests an excellent experience, it should be easy for them to check-in and navigate to their seating. Support services such as professional staff will help to make this aspect of the venue flawless.


It should be full-equipped
to support additional requirements.

As designers seek to push the boundaries of creativity, the venue should be able to offer technical expertise that will allow for the incorporation of special effects, demos, additional choreography and more.


The venue should have
a glowing reputation.

Set design, lighting and staging, and the audiovisual requirements make hosting a fashion show a unique challenge. A venue that has experience in hosting similar events will make the process easier and will make it possible to overcome any challenges that arise.

Fashion Show Venues

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Theme and Décor

The theme and venue décor go a long way to communicating more about the fashion collection. A unique theme or colour combination can tie together different elements of the venue such as lighting, decorations and music.


Fashion shows have a specific set of technical requirements that cover lighting, sound, as well as video recording and WiFi. We’ll ensure that everything runs according to schedule with a robust back-up plan in place to cover any outages.


With social media ever-present in the fashion industry, distinctive branding for your fashion show is a must. We have creative options at our disposal that will ensure that the event branding and sponsor logos are prominently displayed so that your event gets the maximum reach.


The venue you choose may tick all of the boxes but be lacking a runway. In cases like these, we will source a runway for you, or build it from scratch so that you have the event you want, with the facilities you need.

Fashion Show Venues


Whatever you need, whatever your budget, our expert planners will work with you to plan and execute a flawless event.