Panel Discussion Venues in Riga

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Panel Discussion Venues

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If you’re hosting a panel discussion, the first step to making it a success is to find the right venue. You’ll want to attract like-minded individuals to talk about and discuss your topic, giving attendees the chance to hear different viewpoints from a collection of experts. Depending on the type of discussion that you have in mind, such as a business, academic, or interest-based panel discussion, you’ll want to choose a venue that is well-suited to the topic.

Not all venues will be a good match, either the layout doesn’t work, or the setting is too formal (or informal). We wanted to make the lives of those planning these type of events easier, which is why we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the venues in Riga that are ideal for hosting a panel discussion.

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Panel Discussion Venues

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Our search functionality makes it easy to find the perfect venue. Search by price,location, maximum capacity, and more, then compare the different options and match them to your budget.

If you want some extra assistance, why no work with one of our event planners to develop your conference concept? They’re available to help from start to finish, no detail is too small and no idea too big.

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Panel Discussion Venues

What to Look for in a Panel Discussion Venue

Hosting a panel discussion relies heavily on getting the details right, but to do that you need to take a step back and get the basics in place. Before you book, think about:


The atmosphere you want to create

Do you want an environment that facilitates a serious debate? Or would a more relaxed, intimate setting be more conducive to creating the right atmosphere?


The opportunities for customisation

You might want to have the option of branding the space for your company or organisation or want to specify the floorplan to improve audience engagement.


The venue’s accessibility

To attract the biggest audience and secure your panel experts, the venue should be recognisable and popular as well as being easily accessible.

Panel Discussion Venues

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Event Catering

Whether you want to offer meals and refreshments to all the attendees, an elegant cocktail evening, or tea and coffee after the discussion, we’ll coordinate with the venue to ensure that the catering is perfectly executed.


Microphone technology is important for a panel discussion; we’ll ensure that all the experts are mic’ed up and sound checked before they go on stage. Let us know your technical requirements, from WiFi to charging stations, presentation technology, and tech support.


There furniture and stage backdrop are great opportunities for branding and to promote your sponsors. This can go a long way in communicating the purpose and goals of the event.

Staging and Furniture

The staging and choice of furniture is a primary consideration in setting up the panel discussion; you want the experts to be able to sit comfortably while remaining easily visible to the audience.

Panel Discussion Venues


Whatever you need, whatever your budget, our expert planners will work with you to plan and execute a flawless event.