Public Events in Riga

Are you planning a public event,
but struggling to find the right venue?

Public Events

Are you trying to think of a unique concept
that will encourage attendance at your event?

Increasingly attendees have high expectations for the overall event experience, so there’s more to finding a venue than just making sure that it’s big enough to host everyone.

We’ve developed a solution that will help you overcome these hurdles, ensuring that finding a venue isn’t time-consuming or difficult.

To do this, we’ve compiled a list of the top venues in Riga, all vetted by our professional event planning team. And, to make finding your dream venue even simpler, we’ve made this list available in an online directory format that’s intuitive to use.

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Public Events

Host a public event,
without all the stress.

With just a few clicks you can narrow down the search results with customisable filters to find public event spaces that match your budget, are in the area you want, and have enough capacity for the number of people that you expect to attend.

Our event planning team is available to take your idea and make it a reality. They’re available to offer advice, share their expertise and develop solutions to any issues that you encounter along the way.

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Public Events

How to find a public event venue in Riga.

Choosing the venue that will host your public event is the first and most important step in setting it up to be a success. To do this, you’ll want to select your venue based on:



Rather overestimate than under-estimate so that if additional attendees arrive on the day, you can accommodate them comfortably.



Onsider where the majority of your event’s attendees will be travelling from and choose a central location (preferably one that has enough parking).


WiFi connectivity

Depending on your agenda and goals for the event, WiFi will be essential in how the event flows as well as being necessary to amplify the reach of the event.

Public Events

Can we help with the details?

Food and Drinks

To help make the public event a success, you will need to have a strategy in place for providing food and drink. Depending on the location of the venue, there is a range of creative options that we can offer so that attendees are well-fed and hydrated.


With any public event, the logistics need to be carefully planned. We will run through the event flow to ensure that there are adequate restroom facilities, reserved parking, and easy access to the event venue.

Planning and Permissions

Hosting your public event will mean getting permission from the correct government authorities and ensuring you have the requisite paperwork in place. With our contacts and in-depth understanding of the legal requirements, we can take care of the details for you.

Safety and Security

To stay compliant with government requirements as well as to ensure the safety and security of the event’s attendees, there needs to be provision made for safety and security. We can source paramedics, stand-by firefighters and security personnel so that the event runs smoothly.

Public Events


Whatever you need, whatever your budget, our expert planners will work with you to plan and execute a flawless event.